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Computer Lab Rules


In order to maintain the computer equipments at H. D. Sr. Sec. Public School, Kheri Meham, Rohtak in the best possible condition, each student must cooperate and abide by the rules of the lab. Failure to follow Computer Lab rules will result in a temporary loss of computer privileges. Repeated problems could result in permanent removal from the school’s network.
Come in quietly No food or drink in the lab. That includes gum and candy Hands must be clean before using a computer Students must be with a class or have special permission from their teacher in order to use the computer
Be Nice to others
Help others with your mouth not mouse Keep your hands on your computer only Open only your work When you have question raise your hand and wait for assistance patiently No excessive talking or any disruptive behavior
Not allowed to do
Students are not to leave the computer lab at anytime unless directed to do so by the teacher Do not PRINT without asking for permission first
Be Nice to computers
Treat the computer with respect, hands off the monitor, gentle use of the keyboard and mouse Report any problems with your computer immediately to your teacher Do not make any adjustments to the computer, monitor or screen saver Do not personalize the computers, for example: Installing screen savers from the Internet; Changing the desktop background; Changing the video and audio settings
Internet Rules
Do not use the internet inappropriately which means absolutely no off-task Internet usage w/o teacher permission
Dismissal Procedure
Before leaving the lab, students must save work/exit the program that they are in Do not turn off the monitors DO NOT SHUT DOWN the computer unless they directed to do so. (Note: All the computers in the lab will auto-shutdown weekly.) Keep workstation area clean: place all trash in the trash can and return any items borrowed from the lab - e.g. pencil or pen Hang up headphones on the hook at the back of the monitor Straighten keyboard/mouse Gently push in chair before leaving your computer Get in line
Lining Up Procedures
When instructed, walk slowly to the door staying behind whoever is in the front of you Keep your hands to yourself Wait for your teacher’s permission before exiting

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