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Principal's Message


Since the year of inception, H.D. School has been the trend setter in the field of education in our city. A school plays a vital role in the over all development of a child. So we H.Dians know very well that it is our moral duty to faciliate & help in creating a safe & healthy environment so that the future of our children may be secure, safe & prosperous.

The world of children is colourfull, fanciful and filled with laughter. Let us not trample upon their joys in this world of cut throat competition. Today we are sitting on the top of the volcano though it seems dead, yet the heat pouring out from the pressure of over expectations, competition, media and society converting it into active slowly but steadily. We'll have to ponder over it before it is too late.

I want all of us to allow our tender buds to breathe, to grow & to experience the joy of childhood once again to be relaxed & carefree at school & at home, and finally to grow into a good human being as :

"Healthy kids become better students, & better students become healthy citizens"

Mr. Jai Parkash
H.D. Sr. Sec. Public School, Kheri-Meham

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