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In this day of high connectivity and exposure the need for counseling in schools has become more and more relevant. How do we function and what do we do? Since each age group has different social, educational and personal needs, the counselors deal with the students accordingly, following a three-pronged approach. The department of counseling consists of three counselors who function as one unit, but work at different levels so as to be able to reach out to all the students’ different needs. Personal and Social education encourages helps students to develop their self identity, use appropriate social skills when interacting with others in a range of situations, and learn to communicate and manage their feeling, emotions and opinions. Students are given guidance to help develop positive attitudes and behaviors in order to meet challenges make healthy life style choices and serve as responsible, respectable members of society. This guidance is a continuous process right from the preprimary to the high school level. At the Primary level from Pre School to grade V, PSHE curriculum of the PYP is followed. It integrates the classroom modules along with Personal, social and health education resulting in an all round development of the students. Using the classroom interaction with the students during the PSHE classes, to observe the children closely, the counselor is then able to help out students (when required) on a one is to one basis, in and outside the class. This is done in tandem with the form tutor as well as the parents.

The Middle school is an important and transitory stage between the Primary and the senior school. Moving out of the Single form tutor system to a larger number of subjects and teachers, the youngsters are gradually oriented with the help of the counselors and teachers, so that they are able to cope with this transition. . This also the age when the students are entering their adolescence, thus needs constant guidance and motivation. In G.D. GOENKA, the need for guidance to help the students imbibe the correct value systems and help mould them is given priority. The PSHE class at this stage deals with basic value systems, for example-honesty, respect for elders, refraining from the use of abusive language, sharing and getting along with others etc. At the senior school level, PSHE is a powerful tool to encourage young people to take control of the world around them and to have a positive impact on their lives. Key and relevant topics that effect students in their daily lives are taken up and discussed. Character building is given utmost importance. Topics like anger management, self control, and appropriate behavior patterns with the opposite Sex etc are discussed in class. Individual students are encouraged to walk into the counselor’s room whenever they feel the need to do so.

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