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School Introduction


Education institute is not merely a building but an environment- the environment to get formal education and to learn basic of our surrounding. It is also helps the child to attain required qualities to become a responsible citizen. The environment, in which we have grown up, is reflected in every sphere of our life. It is none but the environment that helps in refining the inherent capability of a child. H. D. Sr. Sec. Public School, Kheri Meham, Rohtak is committed to provide an excellent environment to prepare for next generation for facing the challenges of life gallantly. The school, the of its kids in jind, hopes to meet the aspiration of the people of this area. the basic propose of the institute is to make its pupils civilised and respectful citizen. Also we aim to develop human resource having excellence in every walk of life. Stunning achievements and advances in the filed of science & technology during recent years have change the entire scenario of education. Eventually, the role of education has also change to a great extent. We have a keep pace with the change happening around as. Now-a-day education need to maintain a delicate balance among our traditional values, culture and the latest scientific and technological development. Education has to be made relevant to the modern time. However mere acquisition of knowledge without wisdom to use it judiciously may lead us nowhere. It is thus the need of the hour to maintain a balance between the knowledge and the wisdom.

There are a few of the idea which prompted us to come for forward with some constructive plan for the new generation. H. D. Sr. Sec. Public School, Kheri Meham, Rohtak thus came into being in the year 2003 at Jind. It is not simply a school but a mission of enlightenment. It is one among of School in the Rohtak City .

We aim to spot in the child the spark of excellence, Wherever it line in the specturm of abilities and nature it till in blossoms.
Education should liberate human being from the shackles of ignorance misery.

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