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- Sports
- Music & Dance
- Trips & Excursions
- Arts & Culture
- Yoga


TStandards of achievement: Walk through the lanes of the school premises and you may encounter some students stretching their bodies and relaxing. And this can come only through a regularized routine for Yoga and meditation. Various asanas and breathing exercises form an integral part of their schedule. Not only has it developed their physical ability and vitality but has also helped them channelize their energy and temper them down. The several yogic postures and asanas have really enhanced the concentration abilities of our learners.

Esthetics and creative skill are nurtured in order to develop an all found Personality of the student. Arts and craft studio provides opportunity to explore the creative ideas and turn them into a reality. Music and dance hold special charm for the children and they can choose from a wide range of creative pursuits. Dramatics, Elocution Debates, Declamations, music, Dance, Art & Craft –a good Fusion of all these activities can be seen during annual functions and house functions

ames and sports have always been an integral part of the BKN's curriculum. The school follows an extensive plan for promoting the skills and techniques of different games. The specialized coaches and instructors ensure the provision of a relevant environment where the physical well being of the students is taken care of. The students are also taken to the sports complex for better exposure and real life experience. Regular competitions and sports events are organized to direct the potential of the budding students of BKN in their field of interest. The skills and techniques of different games are being taught to the learners. Our students’ increased participation in different sport events suggests a changed outlook and greater involvement.

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